About Don’t Be A Pixel

About Don’t Be A Pixel

Why hello, I didn’t see you there.

My name is Joe Trail, otherwise known as BoyInABarrel, and you may recognise me from other things I have done like YouTube or Twitch or Hitbox (probably not that last one, no one watched me there anyway). Anyway, switching gears to a genuine serious explanation of what Don’t Be A Pixel is. Don’t Be A Pixel, or DBAP for short, is a gaming site born out of my love of writing and my desire to create a site that would allow others to try and get that same love. While this may not necessarily mean much to you as a reader, my intention with this site is to pay every single writer for every single article they write; I can’t say I can pay them much, but of what balance I have after paying off necessary costs like keeping the website running, 90% of the money goes to paying writers and the pay rate they earn is very much tied to that funding.

However, trying to make people fall in love with writing is not just as simple as paying them; its also about giving them a platform where they can say what they want to say on games, gaming culture and the industry. And that it was what I wholeheartedly aim for Don’t Be A Pixel to be. I am willing to take pieces from literally anyone; so long as it is up to the standards I hold for anyone writing for this site or can be pushed up to there with light editorial work, and it is on a topic suitable for the site, I will get to putting your piece on the site. Should you come to enjoy writing, I’d also be happy to consider any consistent contributors for ‘staff’ positions where you will get to become an even more integral part of the website.

But back to you, the reader who has no interest in being a writer, asking what exactly this site will do for you. Well, my hope, with all the attempts I make to bring in writers and treat them fairly and with my position as the editor of the site, is to create a site that gives you a range of perspectives and opinions and views and interesting articles so you want to keep coming back here. And if you don’t think I’m ever succeeding in doing that, I will always be happy to take further suggestions on how I can improve. I want you to be a part of this site as the reader, and I will always be open to hearing your opinions if you want to tweet at me or email me or complete a survey on the site when there is one. Hell, a lot of the design and such of this site is based on a survey I did in the first place, so I could never deny the influence that you as the audience and community have.

Anyway, I hope all this ramble made sense and I hope it gave you a sense of what makes Don’t Be A Pixel tick and what makes it a site that you should read.

TL;DR We’re awesome, you should read all the stuff on the site.


About The Writers

Joe Trail is our Supreme Dictatorial Editor-In-Chief For Life And Forever After. And yes that is the official title. He writes a variety of pieces for the site, many of which are about old games because he’s a cheap sod and he doesn’t play that many new games. He also has a longing for the era of the PS2, because sod these graphics and these online modes. Third arbitrary piece of information: He’s a huge Marvel fanboy and constantly has to restrain himself from this slipping into a movie/comics site, and also from telling everyone that likes Batman that they’re scum and that Superman and Captain America are the best. Because they are.

Alex Walsh has the official title of “Official Fresh Prince of Don’t Be a Pixel.” He is pretty much the only person who does any actual work on the website itself and occasionally contributes some articles to the website. He enjoys long walks on the beach and hates Comic Sans .Little known fact he is actually 4 years younger than Joe, which clearly puts him in touch with todays youth. He’s a huge DC fan huh, ironic. He also enjoys many indie and rogue-like titles as well as some AAA titles. He has the smart sense and an IQ above 69 to know that Superman and Captain America are trash and Batman trumps them 400/1. Read his stuff, he’s a real cool guy and most likely agrees with your opinion pretty much anything.


If you want to contact the site, or any of the writers, check here for contact details.


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