Support Don’t Be A Pixel

There are many ways you can support us here at Don’t Be A Pixel, and I just want to point out a few of them, in case you do, y’know, want to go ahead with that.

First of all, we just highly appreciate you reading what we post. Even doing that much validates the whole process of doing it because writing is so much more when there’s others reading too. Plus it lets us know that we’re not just writing totally uninteresting dross as if this is some kind of farm machinery news site.

Beyond that though, it would be fantastic if you could share what we write to other people you think would enjoy what we write. Its that old business model where you start with one person and they tell two people and so on and so forth; always works out quite neatly, and that audience expansion would be great too.

If you’re too hip to just be nice dudes & dudettes, then we’d love it if you would consider contributing to the site with your own pieces because its fantastic to think you respect us enough to let us hold your thoughts and feelings on games, or if you could take a look at our Patreon and consider helping us pay the bills and give the writers as much as we can. The more money we have after paying for the site, the more money we can give to our fantastic writers and the more we can put towards creating yet more interesting and informative content for the site, so its a total win-win all around.


Like I said though, if you read the site even once, thank you. It means the world to us.


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