In Case You Missed It – 3rd to 9th November

Big News:

GTA V FPS, 1080p on PS4 & One, 4K on PC

On the ongoing hype train for the GTA V re-release in a few weeks, Rockstar revealed an all new way to play GTA V with the FPS mode. Considering I basically don’t give two fucks about the singleplayer, I’m hoping you can play GTA Online in FPS mode, if only because I want to be able to have my badass redhead criminal lady smoke cigarettes in first person while wearing her anime leggings to bring home the feeling of cool. Also, Rockstar gave out some boring information about resolutions and things, saying that the PS4 and Xbox One versions will run at 1080p and the PC version will be able to go up to 4K resolution, but I literally don’t care about that at all because the original version was plenty gorgeous so its just like whatever man.


HERE’S THE REAL BIG NEWS OF THE WEEK, MMMM BOY. THERE IS GOING TO BE A NEW SKATING GAME ON THE NEW GENERATION OF CONSOLES FINALLY, AND ITS FROM THE BIG DADDIES THEMSELVES, TONY HAWK AND ACTIVISION. Now to be serious, I’m curious to see how this one will play out, because really, if it plays like anything past maybe American Wasteland, then we’re all just going to be crying out for a new Skate game. Or at least, crying out more than we already are. And hopefully, Activision won’t end up milking this thing like they used to do, or screwing it to hell with over-expensive DLC or not advertising it enough. Because they already do plenty of those two things on games I’m not super excited for.

Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3DS

Least cool news of the week, by far. Mostly because I’m not a big Zelda fan at all, and I sold my 3DS. But I figure I’ll be crucified if this doesn’t come up and I’d rather live to write next week’s news up too. So yeah, Nintendo announced they’re doing another Nintendo 64 remake for the 3DS, and this time, its every hip kid’s favourite Zelda game, Majora’s Mask. And its been in development since they finished Ocarina of Time 3DS back in 2011. But they haven’t said anything, because then, what would the Majora’s Mask fankids have to bemoan other than how people don’t like it as much as other 3D Zeldas. Also, as a point, in the time since we last had a new 3D Zelda game, we’ve had 3 out of 5 (include that last 3D Zelda game) remade to look better, and we still don’t know what the new one is going to even be called. Roll on Twilight Princess HD for Wii U, eh?

Blizzard announces Overwatch, new multiplayer FPS game

I don’t think I can regard this as out-of-left-field as the new Tony Hawk’s news, but its not far from it. Blizzard have announced a new free-to-play multiplayer FPS game at Blizzcon, called Overwatch, and it seems to be looking quite like a more visually interesting Team Fortress 2. No insult to Valve there or anything, but they don’t have a real wide variety of characters, certainly not to the extent of having gorillas. So, I’m pretty excited to really see more from the game. Might be a Blizzard project that really interests me, after my lack of interest in Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm and Starcraft or Diablo.

Big Releases This Week:

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare (PS3, 360, PC, PS4, Xbox One)

I hear s’alright. Probably the best Call of Duty in years apparently. I’ll likely end up getting it.

Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (PC, PS4, PS Vita)

Its pretty cool. Feels more like a remastering than a new game as such; Binding of Isaac as it should have been, not as it had to be. Not necessarily my thing, but as Twitch and Steam can tell you, its pretty popular.

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Joe Trail is the editor-in-chief of Don’t Be A Pixel. Mostly because he says he is, not because he has other writers to edit over. But such is the life of a busy editor-in-chief, obviously. He’s also an avid writer for the site. Of course.



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