The ‘plan’ for my games writing, and for Don’t Be A Pixel

My Don’t Be A Pixel plan

Point number 1 – I’d love to manuever this wordpress into a proper website for Don’t Be A Pixel. I’d love to get something going where I can write posts and have them viewed more publicly, and I can get other people to come and write posts and have them viewed more publicly as well, and we can all sit in a happy written world of wonder.

Point number 2 – If I do manage to convince anyone to write for Don’t Be A Pixel, my basic rules for anyone writing the site will be the same rules I hold to myself. If you don’t manage to meet this set of ideals, I won’t have you writing for the site. I’ll also say that you have to have a readable level of English and stuff, but I’d expect a lot of people to have that. Also, if I don’t know you quite well, I’ll probably have some sort of number of articles before I’d let you be considered a ‘staff’ writer or whatever like that, I don’t know, I haven’t figured a structure or anything.

Point number 3 – I want to utilise Patreon to fund the future website, so the site has at least some form of bottom line that doesn’t require us drawing you in to make money off ads so we can survive. I also want to be able to pay any contributor to the site a certain minimum amount per article, pending the Patreon hitting a certain point. Other rewards will be something I’ll discuss with people and figure out in my head.

My games writing plan

Point number 1 – My games writing is not primarily about being topical, or about the games industry, or the community, or Youtube, or Twitch, or anything like that. My games writing is primarily about me, games as an experience and the bridge between me and that experience. Simple as. There are PLENTY of people that handle being topical well, probably better than I would, and its not something I want to be doing, nor do I want to be yet another person posting up gaming news as it happens. If you want gaming news, go to Twitter.

Point number 2 – I want my games writing to help other people think, and maybe bring other people to write or talk about their views. I want to be thought-provoking to some extent. I certainly want to get other people to come on board, because…

Basic point number 3 – My views are not objective, and they are not technically focussed. I may write reviews, but they will be wordy, and they will not have any real judgements on the merit of the game, be it numbered or be it a “Should you buy this” rating. It’ll be me writing up my experience of the game, and it’ll be me writing something where I expect you to draw your own conclusions about whether or not its something you want to buy.

Basic point number 4 – I’m going to do my best to be honest, heartfelt and who I am. Not going to try and feign humour or anything like that where it doesn’t fit, its just about me trying to express experience and memory and who I am with regards to games.

Basic point number 5 – I am going to do my best to avoid writing anything that is any way click-baiting, especially when I’m creating titles. I hate the whole “need to get people on the site” idea that forces some games journalism sites to fuck about with trying to use misleading headlines to bring people in.

Basic point number 6 – My writing should be, at the least, approachable, understandable and not convoluted. I want it to be something that anyone can read and ‘get’, even if its about something they’ve never necessarily experienced or about something that is quite odd or personal.

Joe Trail is the editor-in-chief of Don’t Be A Pixel. Mostly because he says he is, not because he has other writers to edit over. But such is the life of a busy editor-in-chief, obviously. He’s also an avid writer for the site. Of course.



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